My Top 10 Dream Cosplays

10.  Fem!Prussia from Hetalia

From Zerochan

I love Hetalia and military uniforms, so obviously, I would love to do this cosplay. After coming back from Anime Expo 2011, I was originally planning for this to be my next cosplay, but I ended up getting a Lightning Farron cosplay. Still, I would like to do this one in the future!

9.  Suigintou from Rozen Maiden

From Fanpop

I love, love Goth Lolita, so naturally, I love Suigintou. I haven’t finished Rozen Maiden, but I still would be really happy doing this!

8. Yuna or Rikku from Final Fantasy X-II

 I would absolutely love doing either one of these, so I just clumped them both together. I look much more similar to Yuna naturally, so that is much more probable of happening. 🙂

7. Karakuri Burst (Kagamine Rin)

From Zerochan

When I first saw the PV for Karakuri Burst, I fell in love with Rin’s outfit. I would have a lot of fun being the crazy murderer chick, but this would be best enjoyed with a sexy Len 😉

6. Romeo and Cinderella (Hatsune Miku)

Finding a picture of Miku in the Project Diva version of Romeo and Cinderella was so hard! I first saw this dress when I saw the Mikunopolis concert. It is so adorable! I also adore this song so I would love to do this one!

5. World’s End Dancehall/Magnet (Miku or Luka) 

From Zerochan

Even though I love Luka with all my heart, I slighty prefer Miku’s kimono. I don’t know whether these are outfits for World’s End Dancehall or Magnet, because at Mikunopolis, they wore these for World’s End Dancehall and didn’t preform Magnet. Oh well!

4. Anarchy Panty or Stocking from PSG

My best friend told me that if we did a Panty and Stocking cosplay, I would have to be Panty since she can’t be blonde xD I wouldn’t mind having either of these since I love them both. I can’t say which one I relate to more, I have a mix of their personalities ;D

3. Kneesocks from PSG

From Zerochan

So this is one I would wait a few years to do, since I’m 16 right now! xD I definatly prefer Kneesocks to Scanty! She’s so much cuter! This would defiantly be a challenge, since she has red skin, but I would enjoy doing this one!

2. Fiora Cavazza (The Courtesan) from Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

Whenever I play Assassin’s Creed multiplayer, I HAVE to be the Courtesan! She is sexy, badass, and mysterious. I also look the most like her out of everyone here, so that helps.

1. Sandplay Singing of the Dragon (Megurine Luka)

From Zerochan

Oh, how I would love to do Sandplay Luka….Her hair, her gown. Everything is so extravagant and gorgeous. This is my favorite Luka outfit out of everyone she has 🙂


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