My Top 10 Dream Cosplays

10.  Fem!Prussia from Hetalia

From Zerochan

I love Hetalia and military uniforms, so obviously, I would love to do this cosplay. After coming back from Anime Expo 2011, I was originally planning for this to be my next cosplay, but I ended up getting a Lightning Farron cosplay. Still, I would like to do this one in the future!

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5 MORE Vocaloid Cosplays That Will Make You Jealous!

1. SeeU by Yumi cosplay


First thing I said was “This is soooooo cute!~” This cosplay is spot on, and the cosplayer is so adorable! ❤ For more of the cosplay, click here

2. Megurine Luka- Sandplay by Paper_Moon


Mother of God this is gorgeous. Sandplay Luka is one of my dream cosplays, so yes, I am unbelievably jealous of this one. The dress and hair is so perfect, and the cosplayer is gorgeous. 🙂 For more awesome pictures, click here.

3. Hatsune Miku – Musunde Hiraite by +.-.uzuki.-.+


I love everything about this cosplay. The photos, the cosplay, the cosplayer, the everything! I love Musunde Hiraite, so I am really excited to see this amazing cosplay!

4. Megurine Luka and Hatsune Miku – Magnet by Lee and Bellatrix Aiden


The colors are exquisite. I love the headphones. They are both gorgeous. Beautiful cosplay. The whole photoshoot is absuloutly stunning. Please check it out.

5. Hatsune Miku – Deep-Sea Girl by ImMuze

From Deviantart

Mother of God, this photo is incredible! This cosplay is perfect and the setting is fantastic! All of the other photos are gorgeous as well 🙂

A Day in Asakusa


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Approaching the temple, you’re greeted with magnificent gates and a bustling market, selling an abundance of goods, like kimono and dolls. You can see the top of the pagoda peeking through the trees, and the smell of incense is thick … Continue reading