My Top 10 Dream Cosplays

10.  Fem!Prussia from Hetalia

From Zerochan

I love Hetalia and military uniforms, so obviously, I would love to do this cosplay. After coming back from Anime Expo 2011, I was originally planning for this to be my next cosplay, but I ended up getting a Lightning Farron cosplay. Still, I would like to do this one in the future!

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Top 10 Vocaloid Songs That I Never Skip

10) Ai Kotoba by Hatsune Miku

Yep, I really like this song. The lyrics are some of the cutest lyrics I’ve ever heard, the beat is amazingly catchy, and it just pumps me up and makes me want to dance! It never fails to make me start singing along! It’s also by DECO*27, which guarantees it’s awesomeness… ;D

9) Rip=Release by Megurine Luka

Ah, another song that makes me want to get up and dance along..This is actually quite a sad song, as it’s a response song to Spice! by Len. The synths are incredibly catchy, and the verses are beautiful, lyric and melody-wise. Once again, another fantastic song by Luka!

8) Perfect Liar by Megurine Luka

This is a seriously amazing song. It’s very different lyric-wise from the usual Luka stuff, but nonetheless, the lyrics are great. As I described in a previous post, this song is about Luka telling a guy how she is not owned by anybody, and she could find another man in a second.

7) World is Mine by Hatsune Miku

Yeah, I’m not afraid to admit that this is the vocaloid song on my ipod with the most listens.  But really, how could you resist the catchiness of this song? After all, it is her anthem!

6) LOVELESSxxx by Kamui Gakupo, Kaito, and Kagamine Len

This song… wonderful. :3 But really, the whole song is interesting. I absolutley love how all three of them are singing in this song, I just wish that Len’s part was longer! He has the best part of the song! The lyrics to the entire song are so gorgeous! I believe this song is about Len, Gakupo and Kaito all being in love with each other. Eventually, they all kill themselves because they can’t be together. 😦

5) Last Night, Good Night by Hatsune Miku

This is the very first Vocaloid song I ever heard, and I still love it to this day. The whole song is so beautiful. From the melody to the lyrics, this song is perfection. It really highlights how pretty Miku’s voice is and how amazing her range is. Hey, it made me a instant fan!

4) Magnet by Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka

One of the most famous Vocaloid songs, and oh how I love it so…The melody is catchy and beautiful, and, even though they’re programs, their singing captures the passion and lust in this song. It defiantly deserves it’s popularity!

3) Leia by Megurine Luka

I am officially obsessed with this song! I love, love, love the instrumental for this song. Especially the second verse…the guitar<3 And the lyrics….my, so beautiful and tragic. Yuyoyuppe is a genius<3

2) Romeo and Cinderella by Hatsune Miku

I first heard this song at Mikunopolis, and instantly fell in love with it. It is so incredibly catchy, it’s ridiculous. It’s another song about forbidden love, but using Romeo and Juliet and Cinderella as a metaphor. It’s fantastic and I love it 🙂

1) Just Be Friends by Megurine Luka

Six months and seven eight different versions later, and I still adore this song with every fiber of my being.

But really, this is Luka’s best known song for a reason….The lyrics, the melody, the PV, the story. Everything is perfect. This is the song that got me through a tough time, and half the reason Luka is my favorite Vocaloid!

Do you have a Vocaloid song that you absolutely adore? Please, please share it in a comment! ❤

Romeo and Cinderella~ [Hatsune Miku] –Lyrics+Eng.

Composer: Doriko

From Zerochan


[[Noteworthy Covers]]

Nico Nico Chorus –  (Incredible Singing and PV!)

Usa –

Hanatan –

Kran177- [English] –

This is definatly one of my all-time favorite vocaloid songs 🙂


watashi no koi o higeki no jurietto ni shinaide
koko kara tsuredashite…

sonna kibun yo

papa to mama ni oyasuminasai
seizei  ii yume o minasai
otona wa mou neru jikan yo

musekaeru miwaku no kyarameru
hajirai no suashi o karameru
konya wa doko made ikeru no?

kamitsukanaide  yasashiku shite
nigaimono wa mada kirai na no
mama no tsukuru okashi bakari tabeta sei ne

shiranai koto ga aru no naraba
shiritai to omou  futsuu desho?
zenbu misete yo
anata ni naraba misete ageru watashi no…

zutto koishikute shinderera
seifuku dake de kakete yuku wa
mahou yo jikan o tomete yo
warui hito ni jamasarechau wa

nigedashitai no jurietto
demo sono namae de yobanaide
sou yo ne  musubarenakucha ne
sou ja nai to tanoshikunai wa

nee  watashi to ikite kureru?

senobi o shita nagai masukara
ii ko ni naru yo kitto asu kara
ima dake watashi o yurushite

kuroi reesu no kyoukaisen
mamoru hito wa kyou wa imasen
koetara doko made ikeru no?

kamitsuku hodo ni  itai hodo ni
suki ni natteta no wa watashi desho
papa wa demo ne anata no koto kirai mitai

watashi no tame to sashi dasu te ni
nigitteru sore wa kubiwa desho
tsure dashite yo watashi no Romeo
shikarareru hodo tōku e

kane ga nari hibiku Cinderella
garasu no kutsu wa oite iku wa
dakara ne hayaku mitsukete ne
warui yume ni jira sare chau wa

kitto ano ko mo sō datta
otoshita nante uso o tsuita
sō yone watashi mo onaji yo
datte motto aisare tai wa

hora watashi wa koko ni iru yo

watashi no kokoro sotto nozoite mimasen ka?
hosī mono dake afure kaette ima sen ka
mada betsubara yo motto motto gyutto tsume konde
isso anata no ibasho made mo umete shimaōka

demo sore ja imi naino

ōkina hako yori chīsana hako ni shiawase wa aru rashī
dōshiyo kono mama ja watashi wa
anata ni kiraware chau wa

demo watashi yori yokubarina papa to mama wa kyō mo kawarazu
sōyo ne sunao de īno ne
otoshita nowa kin no ono deshita

uso tsuki sugita Cinderella
ōkami ni taberareta rashī
dōshiyō kono mama ja watashi mo
itsuka wa taberare chau wa

sono mae ni tasuke ni kite ne


Please don’t let my love turn out
To be such a tragedy just like Juliet’s was
Please take me far away from here
That’s my only desire

I say goodnight to both my mommy and my daddy
I really hope tonight they sleep so very soundly
Right now it’s time for the grown-ups to go to bed

The taste of caramel is pure intoxication
I shyly cross my legs, imaginging sensations
I wonder how far we will be going tonight

Please be gentle and be nice. Please hold me very tight.
The taste of bitterness, I truly hate it you know
I blame the sweet things I’ve tasted ever since I was a little girl

Everything that we don’t know how they enchant us so
But don’t you think that everyone thinks like that though?
Just show me everything and give me all you’ve got
I’ll show you all that I am and more

Longing for love, oh, Cinderella
Even with just her uniform on she’ll keep running
Could it be that time can magically freeze
before the evil villains catch and try to stop her?

The ever running maiden Juliet
but really please don’t call her by that horrid name now
That’s right, you see, with two of us we’re complete
If that’s not the case, then it would be so boring

Will you stay with me until death do us part?

I put on mascara to make myself look older
Please just forgive my lies; I wanted to be bolder
Tomorrow, I promise to be better for you

The border that is made of black lace is the only
Thing that protects me from doing things so unholy
I wonder how far we can cross that line tonight

I knew from the very start though it tore me apart
The truth is I was first to fall so deeply for you
But daddy didn’t seem to like it and never wanted us to be

With his hands outstretched to me, he said he’d care for me
But in reality he binded me to the ground
Please take me far away, so far, my Romeo
I do not care if the whole world knows

The bells are ringing, Oh, Cinderella
She drops her glass slippers on the ground for her prince
The evil dreams are out to steal them away,
you have to find them before they can find a way how.

Now I know how the story goes
It was no accident Cinderella dropped them
Now I see we are completely the same
We were desperately wanting your attention

I’ve always been here. Will you ever look at me?
Into the deepest of my heart, do you want to know what I have there?
The darkest of my desires, can you see it’s filling everywhere?
But it’s not completely full yet. I need to fill it up to the brim.
Fill me up until it overflows and then overpowers you
But then if that happens, it’d be pointless

I never thought happiness could be found
in smaller packages than the one I’m in now
What should I do? At this rate, I think it seems
that you would hate me too just like everyone else does
My parents, I know they will never change.
Papa and mama don’t listen to me always
I’ve always said it’s better to be honest
The thing that dropped was the golden axe on our heads
You’ve lied too many times, Cinderella
It seems like you’ve been eaten by the big bad wolf now
What should I do? At this rate I think it seems
that I’d be eaten too. Oh, please don’t let that happen.

Before that day comes, save me from this awful place.

 ((English Lyrics from Kran177 .))

I don’t own anything ^_^