Yuuhi Saka~ [Hatsune Miku] –Lyrics+Eng.


Composer: doriko

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Saihate~ [Hatsune Miku] –Lyrics+Eng.


Composer: Onyx


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Top 10 Saddest Vocaloid Songs

It seems the most beautiful Vocaloid songs are the sad ones. This is a very hard list to make, simply that there are so many tragic vocaloid songs…but here is my top 10. 🙂

10) Last Song by Megurine Luka

The intro for this song is so beautiful. I think her voice is so full of emotion in this song. It doesn’t have many lyrics, but they are so sad. One of the most beautiful Luka songs.

9) Alluring Secret~Black Vow by Len and Rin Kagamine

This song has a fantastic story and a gorgeous PV! It is so beautiful, and the ending is fantastic. It gives me chills every time.

8) Laika by Hatsune Miku

This song tells the story of the Russian space dog, Laika, in her perspective. It is so sad to  listen to…she sounds so innocent and naive.

7) Leia by Megurine Luka

Has it become clear yet that I am obsessed with this song? I love it so much. The lyrics are amazing and the story and PV are gorgeous.

6) When The First Love Ends by Hatsune Miku

Don’t be fooled by the fast beat, this is a very sad song. Letting go to one’s first love is no easy thing. Trust me, I know..(Pssst…the Rin version is much more emotion filled than the Miku one..)

5) Saihate by Hatsune Miku

There are many PVs for this song, but this is the one that makes me want to cry. Again, an upbeat song with tragic lyrics. However, its not entirely sad, for she is singing about accepting her loss.

4) Your Star by Hatsune Miku

This made me cry the first time. This is a lesser known song, but the lyrics and story are so sad…This is a wonderfully made PV and fantastic song.

3) The Thought to Tell by Meiko

This is a very long song with not much lyrics and long instrumentals, but the story that it tells in amazing. The PV is confusing, but brilliant. Once you watch the whole thing, you realize how tragic the story is.

2) Servant of Evil by Kagamine Len

Ahh..how could a make this list without Servant of Evil? This is a classic Vocaloid song. And yes, even though it is popular, that doesn’t make it any less tragic.

1) Imitation by Hatsune Miku

You know it’s a damn good song when it gives you chills everytime. I first heard the Hanatan version of the song, and it’s unbelievable. I couldn’t enjoy the original because Miku is too robotic, but after reading the meaning of the song, I realized that Miku isn’t supposed to show emotion in this song, she’s singing about being a robot and an empty vessel. One of my all time favorite Vocaloid songs, defiantly.